Sunday, 9 September 2012

RVP and Shinji Kagawa......could United ask for anything more?

image by: Ronnie Macdonald
image by: Ronnie Macdonald
No doubt turning into one of the most crucial transfers, Van Persie's move to the Red Devils means that there will be no more speculation as to the fact that united are out of contention for the title. With 4 goals in 2 matches, Van Persie has entered the world of united with a bang. Yet, the previous seasons top goalscorer has not surprised many for although on the surface he has definitely proven his worth, he is a player who has spent his entire career in the english top flight. Therefore settling in is not the problem. The problem is
whether he will be able to hold his nerve against his former club. For although on the pitch and in training Van Persie has shown that he is comfortable, is he comfortable with the life he is leaving behind? Especially a life as a loyal player to Arsenal? These questions still ominously loom around the flying dutchman. That is until the Gunners take on the Devils in the November 3rd clash.  For now though, All hail Robin Van Persie!

Image by: Saadick Dhansay
Kagawa, sold from Cerezo Osaka at the relatively diminutive price of 350,000 pounds to Borussia Dortmund, has become one of the most eminent Asians to enter the top flight. After a lot of hassling, Dortmund reluctantly let go of what has turned out to be one of the best transfers of the season. Selling him to United at 17 million pounds has since seen United's ever aging midfield strengthen dramatically. Especially as just recently, Kagawa excelled at his bleep test. Almost reaching the club record set by David Beckham way back when he left in 2003. Although some were doubtful about Kagawa's aerobic capabilities, they might just have to be silenced now. For the work-rate of Kagawa is definitely able to replace that of the recently departed Park Ji Sung. It's now down to aggressiveness, for the small Japanese standing at just 5'6, will need to learn to cope with the new style of playing found in the English top flight.

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  1. Being a huge United Fan myself, one of the problems that I am definitely worried about is a possible ego clash between Rooney and Van Persie. Being last season's top scorers if they do indeed strike up a partnership than we will be simply unstoppable in front of goal. Do you think Rooney and Van persie will gel?