Monday, 24 September 2012

The Best Signing Of The Season

Image by: The_Old_Grey_Wolf
               Costing over a million pounds for every inch, big spending Chelsea put everything on the table to acquire this 5'5 gem in the world of football. Undoubtedly the best signing of the season, Eden Hazard has given critics every right to remain silent. Especially as he has become the first player in premier league history to have 3 man of the match titles in 3 consecutive games.

             The effects after acquiring him for 78 million pounds and stealing his signature from the grasps of United and City have been huge. For through him, Chelsea have been offered a renewed   attacking prowess. One which they had been lacking and in desperate need of. Providing 5 assists in his first two games, Hazard has been the key ingredient in the Chelsea front line needed to unlock the dormant Torres(who was sold to Chelsea for a record breaking 50 million pounds). Like a blunt knife which has awaited a long overdue sharpening, Torres has finally found and reclaimed his old self thanks to Hazard.

Just why are Hazard's performances so perfect though?
           A question many players would like to ask, I will now reveal the secret to his amazing skills.
First of all, his height dictates an extremely low center of gravity compared to the rest of the premier league players. Giving him more flexibility and speed, his low CG allows him to move more freely.  Reacting and turning much quicker than most other players

Second of all, his control is impeccable. The usage of terms such as "the ball is your friend" and "glued to your feet" have become cliches in the world of football. Yet, Hazard is a perfect example of both these expressions for his control allows him to move anywhere he likes(without the ball being stolen of course). This is what makes him an extremely tough player to be defending. For one wrong move and he will be able to take the ball past you.

Last but not least, his spatial awareness and creativity is comparable to that of Messi. Able to pick out the most unexpected of passes, his aggressive attitude in moving the ball up the pitch has allowed Chelsea's play to become more fluid. Setting an attacking mentality within the team, his imagination and ideas are equally amazing. Able to predict where the ball will end up according to where he plays it, Hazard makes the most efficient and deceiving runs with and without the ball.

Combined, these are the aspects of the perfect player. Aggressive. Lethal. Fast. Accurate. Aspects which many have persevered towards but few have attained.
One thing for sure though is that you can certainly look to hazard anytime you need inspiration. Or just a goal. No matter which, the world has definitely not seen half of what he is capable of.

This article is not to encourage you to stay short!


  1. Great use of language. Although I know nothing about football and care even less, you had me interested with your voice, style and tone. Well done.

  2. This is a great article but are you sure that he was signed for 78 million pounds?
    I thought that he was signed for 38 million pounds.
    Also one of the most curious questions is who is better value for money kagawa or hazard in ur opinion.