Sunday, 9 September 2012

English Class Review

Through the english classes so far, I have undoubtedly learned that there is nothing wrong with writing atrocious english. On the contrary, if you write bad english and allow the rest of your peer group review it,you will improve. Not only an improvement that only you can see, but the rest of your peer group can see. One which will allow your confidence in writing see a drastic change. Yet, most crucially one which will make you not afraid of writing english, for it will no longer be a disgrace.

Image by:Bilal Kamoon
I have thoroughly enjoyed the fact that free-writing has been introduced to me. Although a bit of a far fetched idea at first, I have come to realize that writing need not only been when you're in english class. Neither must it be perfect, nor have meaning. Writing can be a way to relieve stress and I still have a long way to go before I reach that point. The concept of free-writing is very abstract. For not many will find that just writing and spilling your brains on paper is a form of relaxing. Many will think that writing is tedious and that if it's not perfect, then there's absolutely no use in doing it. Free-writing has done one thing which no other form of writing has done. It has allowed whatever I'm thinking to actually have a voice. Therefore, although I will not be using it as an activity for my leisure time as of right now, I will definitely find it useful sometime in the future.

Up until this point(which is not very far) I don't think that anything at all could have been done differently or changed. I can't even think of anything to add for this year's start to english has been one of the most inspiring ever since I started going to school. Conceptually, it is flawless. The execution has also been nothing short of the mark. Therefore, I will be leaving this question with nothing but praise. 


  1. James! Your writing is written at such a diplomatic level. It shocked me for a moment, and left me with this question " Was the writer an author?".

    I absolutely agree with you post, particularly :
    I have come to realize that writing need not only been when you're in English class. Neither must it be perfect, nor have meaning.

    I think this could be my writing motto. I usually always try to find the so called "inner meaning" in writing. But sometimes I just wanna give it up and write without any meaning. Write like your gonna die tomorrow!

    Also you had mentioned that there's absolutely noting you wanted to change. Well, c'mon, not every class is perfect. What would you like to add? What would make it more engaging to you as a writer/ reader?

  2. "Conceptually, it is flawless. The execution has also been nothing short of the mark." You humble me James. I think you will find that Free-writing will help your creativity as well as you later more structured writing.

    The mind can be a dark confusing place, but free writing helps us clean up the clutter and focus on what matters.

  3. James. I definitely agree with your comments on free writing, at first I thought that it would be something useless that didn't really need to be done but now that I've done it, it's definitely not a bad idea, if you need a starting point for a piece of text. But again, I agree that the idea of pouring your thoughts out on a piece of paper, and then scrapping it, won't really relieve stress, it in fact reminds me of diary posts, which I've always thought to be absurd and stupid, I mean the paper isn't exactly going to give you your answer to all your problems right? So tell me James, when do you think you will find it useful if you did ever do it again?

    1. It can be useful, but remember that we are mining for gold (ideas, passages to expand etc...) Sometimes you will be surprised, by what comes from a few hours of free-writing.

      The secret is to know how to sift though it all and let go of what needs to be let go.

  4. I agree with you but...
    You can't always rely on others to make your writing good, yes sometimes it is good to make a piece of writing that i just horrible and to improve it. Its also good though that you make really amazing pieces of writing, that you just couldn't believe you wrote that. It feels good having wrote something like that.

    And the word choice you used is amazing!

  5. Again as aditi said I was totally surprised with who wrote this piece because there is no flaw in this .Your word choice is fantastic .As you said free writing is a great way to indulge in to improve your creativity.
    As Mr.R said this type of writing will help you write a more structured writing.