Wednesday, 10 October 2012

On the selection of my book.......

"Choosing"a book is hard for some people, easy for others. In the end, it all depends on on what kind of literature might cater to your needs.  Lately I have deviated from my usual habits of reading(thanks to an overload of homework). I was in need of an action book to reignite my passion, therefore I chose Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry. 

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I have extremely high expectations for this book because I am hoping that it will be one which sends me back on track in terms of reading. So far, it has done the job flawlessly. The writing has flowed, and it is filled with the most infinitesimal of details to paint a vivid picture. 

Some problems that could occur whilst reading this book would be that it could get confusing sometimes. For the way this book is divided works out to be a mix of several narratives, All giving opinions on different topics. This does not go back on my previous comment that the book is flawless so far though, so I'll leave it there on a high note. 

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