Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Patient Zero: By Jonathan Maberry

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a) What is one thing you learned about yourself after reading today?

One thing that I learned today whilst reading Jonathan Maberry is just how much good writing can captivate me. I haven't read a good book in a long time and this experience really showed me how much power good writing can have. 

 Was there a character or an event in your reading that led you to this new understanding? 

There wasn't really a character which led me to this new understanding but more how the author crafted each and every one of his sentences. This led to a continuous string of brilliant paragraphs and thus a book worthy of any accolade. 

                    b)  Find a passage you felt was especially well written and describe what you found interesting about the writer's craft. 

Pg. 149 
"I stood on the fringes of the carnage, my pistol held out in front of me, one bullet left. The thunder I heard in my ears may have been the echo of the gunfire, or it may have been my own heart pounding out like the drums of damnation. Slowly, filled with fear and horror at what we had all just done, I lowered my gun."

This passage was superbly written and what I find is that Jonathan Maberry's writing is based upon description. Description until slowly the picture comes into your mind but not too much as to confuse you. He also writes with a direct, no nonsense style. A style in which gives the reader the same sense of conviction which he probably wrote with. 

                    c)  Write about anything else you feel like sharing at this point in your book: predictions, excitement, disappointment, etc....

The book is a myriad of descriptive, gripping writing. It is also the first one that has excited me about reading in a long time. Thus, I would highly recommend it to anyone over 12. Boys/Girls.

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