Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Need to Test Love

In every story there seems to be a bad guy. Whether it be the infamous Captain Hook, the well loved Big Bad Wolf, or the downright cunning character of Hades, there is always a bad guy. Then there are those stories in which the good guys are always suspected of being the bad guy.  Unfortunately, love is perceived by many people as the bad guy. Like any top-notch villain, love doesn't attack anyone physically. Instead, it taps right into the insecurities that the human race has been born with. Specifically, the constant need for reassurance. One of the many flaws that most of us have, this constant need is the result of an insatiable hunger for solid facts. 

Where did this "hunger" for solid facts come from though? The answer is simple. Since young, we have been taught to be able to calculate every answer to every problem through strategy. Examples are those such as 1+1=2 and 6x6=36. The problem with this is that as every one of us grows older, problems are no longer that easy to solve. There is no longer a "right answer" in classes such as English or languages. We are forced to create our own views, our own facts. Bear in mind, these are abstract views and facts which have not been set in stone by people before us.  This is where our hunger for solid facts comes into play, for we want to know whether our own views are "correct". 

Thus when we find "true love" through fate we don't feel comfortable. We are in a situation in which we don't know whether it is "correct". At this point in time, another flaw of ours comes into play. The flaw of being scared to ask other people for their opinions when embarrassing situations arise. Especially in this situation, we don't want to ask other people for their views on whether our "love" that we think we may have experienced is true. This leaves us no other avenue but self-reassurance to go down. The only way to do this is to test and thus we feel the need to test love. 

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  1. Well said James. Very clear and articulate post. We will explore further in class.....