Thursday, 31 January 2013

Aliens, are they real?

In this intergalactic world in which we have been born, those of us who do not believe that aliens exist are the ignorant of our race. They are unnoticed, unrecognized, but that does not mean that they are not there. Just like an ostrich, we choose to bury our heads under the sand and pretend that they are non-existent. If that was the case, then please try and explain why dung beetles are guided by the milky way. They are the incarnations of aliens, but their voices are not heard. Their screams and desperate cries for their home, a far away star in the milky way are completely inaudible. That is also why they have to resort to rolling dung, because while standing on top of it, they are 2 inches closer to their
home. If aliens did not exist, then please explain the shootings which recently happened in the U.S. The two shooters were complete geniuses, however their voice, just like the dung beetle was not audible. However, seeing the ignorance of the U.S. government and the lax laws which are set in place over gun control, they made their longing for home eminent through the destruction of lives. It was their only way of saying, "send me back to where I belong!". If aliens do not exist, then we would not be here. We are aliens, every one of us. To the dung beetles, we are aliens, and to the birds, we are aliens.
Thus, if we are not aliens, then I don't know what we are.


I'm an alien.

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  1. Aliens? Do aliens exist? Your post made me think of what I ponder on usually. Maybe there is another planet some where out there, in a different galaxy, wondering if people like us do exist. I am 99% sure that earth isn't the only place in this entire universe. Which makes me think how big the universe actually is...and is there anything beyond it? I like your ostrich analogy.