Monday, 7 January 2013

Chopin Is A Master.

No. This is not some rip-off from the internet which I am using just to create an easy blog post. This is a piece by the composer Chopin which I played.

Background of the Piece

This piece was written by Chopin and dedicated to a polish pianist by the name of Julian Fontana. Although Chopin clearly requested that the piece not be published, Julian Fontana went ahead anyways and published it. 

Quick Musical Synopsis

The piece starts out with the left hand playing a rising and falling arpeggiated chord whilst the right hand plays a run, up and down the c-minor key in which it is in. This is basically the whole first section, in which the player is told to sound agitated. The second section starts out with just the left hand arpeggiating chords. There is a change in speed after two measures when the left hand slowly sinks into the background to be taken over by a gentle and smooth right hand melody. This encapsulates the whole of the second section. The coda, is a combination of the two sections. With arpeggiated chords starting out loud, then ending soft. The piece finishes with the quietest two chords as the player resolves a somewhat "dark" piece with a c major chord. 

The Video

The audio isn't that great, there may be some scratches. 

There is no video because I find taking videos of yourself(this encompasses pictures too) a bit too self indulgent (My own opinion).

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  1. Wow. James I had no idea you could play so well. I am a bit jealous of your talent and musical knowledge.

    I get the self indulgence of self-video (well not really, I have video of myself all over the web) but perhaps you could find a series of photos to match the music. Photos you take.

    There is a girl named Wendy in grade 7 who is doing some amazing animations, wonder if she could use this music or if you could work together to make something.

    I will email you both to read these comments. Great stuff, thanks for sharing. Would love to hear any and all of the music want to share. You might also want to check out:

    for audio only sharing.